Mythbusting Lean UX – Adrian Howard

Adrian Howard

Adrian Howard is a fan of Lean UX, and he’s tired of hearing it misrepresented.

Lean UX doesn’t have to mean slapdash, careless or lo-fi work. But it does demand a  different way of working that not all organisations are ready for.

Adrian gave us a quick history of Lean UX, which led to the Lean UX manifesto:

  • Early customer validation over releasing products with unknown end-user value
  • Collaborative design over designing on an island
  • Solving user problems over designing the next “cool” feature
  • Measuring KPIs over undefined success metrics
  • Applying appropriate tools over following a rigid plan
  • Nimble design over heavy wireframes, comps or specs

Adrian asked: in a lean environment, how can we make great user experiences?

One striking tip was to take a different approach to testing. Instead of arranging each session separately with weeks (or even months) of planning organisation and reporting, get users in every week – no matter what – and have them test whatever is a priority at that moment.

Adrian acknowledged that not every organisation is willing to embrace lean working. It means accepting failure and having your assumptions proved wrong.

I enjoyed Adrian’s talk, and fear I’ve fallen well short of doing his arguments justice. Follow him on Twitter or read the Lean UX Manifesto if you’d like to learn more.

This post is part of a series of reports from UX Scotland 2014.

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